Founded in 2019, True Name Productions connects and find solutions to social and environmental issues through storytelling.  We work in theatre, film and audio to illuminate complex patterns, grow communities, ignite nuanced debate and discover true names for the experiences we encounter around us. 


True Name is run by co-directors Imy Wyatt Corner and Polly Creed. We are proud to have worked with some incredible associates, including the Tate Modern, Pleasance Theatre and Jackson's Lane Theatre. Our recent projects have been funded by Cockayne Foundation and Arts Council England. 

'The first revolutionary act is to call something by its true name.'


Rosa Luxemburg



'In the deep past, people knew names had power. Some still do. Calling things by their true names cuts through the lies that excuse, buffer, muddle, disguise, avoid, or encourage inaction, indifference, obliviousness. It’s not all there is to changing the world, but it’s a key step.' 


Rebecca Solnit