All Rise for the Planet

Tate Modern - July 2019


'The year is 2030. Scientists’ warnings from 2019 went unheeded and the consequences of climate destruction are now apparent. You are summoned for jury duty at the people’s court as the complicity of Governments, industry, the media, academia, art institutions, and the citizenry is explored, and their actions assessed in light of what they knew in 2019.'


Part-theatre, part-art installation, part-people’s court, this ground-breaking event about climate justice and accountability presented testimonies, along with visuals and video installations, bringing this trial to life as an immersive experience. Overseen by a judge, it was then be up to the public, the jury, to decide whether each party is guilty was charged. 

In association with Plan B Earth, Extinction Rebellion, 198 Contemporary Arts, People's Bureau and the London College of Communication