Humane - Ali Wright-1.jpg


Pleasance Theatre, Islington

Autumn 2021 (postponed in Spring 2020 due to COVID)

1995. Brightlingsea. A small port in rural Essex. Residents wake up to lorries thundering through the town, carrying live captive animals in horrendous conditions. A motley crew of mums, grannies, and skiving school kids unite; they know they have to do something to stop it.
Over the next 10 months, the unlikely group becomes committed and remarkable activists, facing arrest and encountering the brunt of police brutality. Humane - a new play by Polly Creed, directed by Imy Wyatt Corner - tells their true story.

Supported by the Cockayne Foundation and Arts Council England.
Produced by True Name Theatre and Pleasance

Photography by Ali Wright